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*Recreational Customers*


First Time Customer - 10% Off And Free Pre-Roll

Second Time Customer - Leave Us a 5 Star Weedmaps/Google Review and Receive An Additional 10% Off

Refer a Customer - Receive 10% Off (Both Parties Must be Present)

Veterans and Active Military - Receive 10% off

For Online/Home Delivery Orders visit

Home Delivery Available

20 Mile Radius |$75 Minimum | $10 Fee 

Orders Must Be Placed Before 7 pm

Orders Must Be Placed Via Our Website

2 Hour Delivery Window  

Vendor Spotlight Events

Stiiizy 3/5/21 3pm-7pm 2 Pods For $90 (Plus Free Battery)

Wana 3/12/21 4pm-7pm

Weekend Deals Fri 5th - Sun 7th

Choice Gummies 100mg 3/$30

True North Gummies 100mg 3/$30

MKX Gummies 100mg 2/$30

MKX Chocolate Bar 100mg 2/$30

U Baked Chocolate Bar 100mg 2/$30

Fwaygo Gummies 100mg 2/$30

Motorcity Crispy, Brownies, Sour Drops, Ribbon Gummies 100mg 2/$30

Chewii Rings, Sour Worms, Gummies 100mg 2/$30

Herbology Private Reserve Pre-rolls 3/$25 (13 Strains!!)

North Pre-rolls 2/$20

Fluresh Pre-rolls 2/$20

High Life Pre-rolls 2/$20

High Life Pre-rolls 5 Pack 2/$60

Terrapin Pre-rolls 2/$20

Morenci Brothers Pre-roll 2/$20

Glacier Pre-roll 2/$20

Shake 1oz $110

$25 OFF All Prepackaged $225/$200/$175 oz's

Terrapin Prepackaged 8th 2/$60

Hazy Farms Prepackaged 8th $40

Fluresh Prepackaged 8th $40

Narvona Prepackaged 8th $40

OG Releaf Prepackaged 8th $40

High Five Prepackaged 1g $12

Radical Genetics Prepackaged 1g $12

Narvona Prepackaged 1g $12

Common Citizen Prepackaged 1g $12

Fwaygo 1g Cart $33

Platinum Vape 1g Cart/Vfire $33

Terpene Tank .5g Cart/Vfire/Maxx $20 or 8/$100

Stiiizy 1g Pods $50

Wyldfire Concentrate 1g $33

U Baked Concentrate 1g $33


Daily Deals

$225 & $200 & $175 OZ Specials (while supplies last)

North Prepackaged Shake $110 oz (while supplies last)

Herbology Private Reserve Pre-roll $12 or 3/$25

Wyldfire Concentrates 1g $33

U Baked Concentrates 1g $33

High 5 Prepackaged 1g Flower $12

Narvona Prepackaged 1g Flower $12

Common Citizen Prepackaged 1g Flower $12

Radical Genetics Prepackaged 1g Flower $12

Traverse City Canna Co, Narvona, Terrapin, Common Citizen, Hazy Farms, Fluresh, OG Releaf, 3.5g Packaged Flower $40

Fwaygo 1g Cart $33

Platinum Vape 1g Cart $33

Terpene Tank MAXX Pods/Carts/Vfire .5g $20 or 8/$100

Redbud Roots 1g Live resin Cart $50

Church Disposable .5g Cart $30

RESTOCK Herbology Private Reserve Pre-rolls $12 or 3/$25

Diamond Dust

MoRockin Kush

La Kush Cake

Purple Ghost OG

Now & Later 


GMO Butter

Mac Gas 

Bruce Banger 

Caramel Cream

Mango Sherbet


Bluberry Cookies 

RESTOCK Terapin Prepackaged 8th $40


Grapefruit Durban

Heavins Devil

Hells OG

Sour Alien OG

NEW Private Reserve Flower 



Ice Cream Cake 

Pirate Cake 

RESTOCK High Life Farms Products

Chief Solventless 1g

- Dr.Gonzo 1g

-Garlic Mints 1g 

-MB 15 1g

-Rozay Cake 1g




RESTOCK Pyramid 

10th Planet 1g Sauce Cart

Garlic Z 1g Sauce Cart 

Lemon Biscotti 1g Sauce Cart

Mendo Cookies .5g Budder Cart

Big Apple Butter .5g Budder Cart 

Inzane in the Membrane 1g Syringe 

Wedding Cake 1g Syringe 

K'Smorz 1g Syringe

RESTOCK Narvona Prepackaged 3.5g & 1g

Cake Bomb

Chocolope Sundae


Gas Breath


Rozay Breath

RESTOCK Select 1g Carts

Pineapple Punch

Sour Amnesia

Northern Lights

Skywalker OG

Gods Gift

Purple Haze


Original Haze

Critcal Kush

NEW Private Reserve Flower

Secret Formula 28.92

Gelato 33 28.07%

Biscotti 26.09%

Rose Gold 26.86%

GG #4 28.70%

NEW Prepackaged Flower OZ's

Fatso OG $200

Lemon SKunk $200

Strawnana $200

Mandarin Confectionary $200

Sherbnado $225

Jungle Cake $225

Kush Mints $225

Cookies & Chem $225

Biscotti $225

Garlic Cookies X Grapefruit $175

Lemon OG Haze $175

Citral Glue $175

Skunk Hero $175

Lil Diamonds $175

Lemon Berry $175

Member Berry X OG Kush $175

NEW Stiiizy Pods 1g $50

19 Diff Strains!!!

RESTOCK Terpene Tank MAXX Pods/Carts/Vfire

.5G $20 or 8/$100!!!!!!!!!

Restock Herbology Private Reserve Pre-rolls 1g $12 or 3/$25

La Kush Cake 

Morockin Kush

Purple Ghost

Now & Later Cookies

Diamond Dust


MKX THC Infused Toothpics $16

MKX Chocolate Bars 100mg $20

MKX Gummies 100mg $20

RESTOCK Radical Genetics Prepackaged 1g $12

7 Strains

RESTOCK Platinum Vape 1g Carts $33

RESTOCK UBaked Concentrates 1g $33

Ice Cream Cake

Dosi Woah

Grape Gelato

Jungle Cake

Orange Daquiri

Alien Banner

Josey Whales


Platinum Ice Cream OG

NEW Chewii Gummies 

NEW Chewii Gummie Rings

NEW Chewii Sour Worms

RESTOCK Fwaygo 1g Carts $33


Fwaygo OG

Apple Fritter

Strawberry Fields

RESTOCK North Blueberry Gummy

*Some exclusions apply*

*Deals can not be stacked*

*Pickup orders will be ready 15 minutes after placing them*

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