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Wednesday Deals

Buy an 8th get a 2nd 8th 1/2 OFF (deli-style flower only, not including Moonrock or Prepackaged, must be from the same shelf)

$5 Off All Edibles $20+

Magic 100mg Gummies 4/$30 DAILY!!

Kushy Punch 100mg Buy 1 get 1 FREE DAILY!!

Herbology 100mg Gummies 4/$30 DAILY!!

Herbology Private Reserve Pre-roll $12 or 3/$25

Herbology Private Reserve Pre-roll 5 pack $30

Sapphire Pre-rolls 3/$30 (mix & match)

Dragonfly Pre-rolls 3/$30 (mix & match)

$225 & $200 & $175 & $160 OZ Specials (while supplies last)

Shake $110 (while supplies last)

Moonrock 1g/$24 3.5g/$70 (while supplies last)

Fluresh & Terrapin Prepackaged 8ths 2/$60

Ozone, Grown Rouge, Scout Prepacked 8ths 2/$60

High Five Prepackaged 8th 2/$50

Selects 8ths at $40 & 1g at $12

True North 100mg Gummy 3/$30

Choice Chews 100mg Gummy 3/$30

Choice Mints 100mg 3/$30

Choice Confections 100mg 3/$30

MKX 100mg Gummy 3/$30

Herbology Premium Concentrate 1g $33 or 4/$100

North Concentrates 1g $33

Fresh Coast Concentartes 1g $33

Cloud Cover Concentrate 1g $33

U Baked Concentrates 1g $33

Crude Boys Concentrate 1g $30

MKX 1g Cart 4/$100

Redbud Roots Live Resin 1g Cart $35

Terpene Tank 1g Cart/Vfire/MAXX $33

Platinum Vape 1g Cart $33

Drip 1g Cart $33

Church Disposable .5g Cart $30

Gud Nuff .5g Carts $20 or 6/$100

Double Bear .5g Carts $20 or 6/$100

RESTOCK Herbology Premium Concentrate 1g 4/$100

13 Strains!!!

RESTOCK Choice Chews 100mg 3/$30

13 Flavors!!

RETSOCK MiSix Prepacked OZ's $160

NEW Mitten 100mg Gummies 3/$20

6 Flavors!

NEW Kilow Farms Pre-rolls 3/$30

7 Strains!

RESTOCK Rove 1g Carts $50

10 Strains!

NEW Herbology 100mg Gummies (6 flavors)

RESTOCK Herbology pre-rolls (23 Strains)

RESTOCK Redbud Roots Live Resin 1g cart $35

RESTOCK Dragonfly Pre-rolls 3/$30

NEW Scout Prepacked 8ths 2/$60

RESTOCK STiiizy 1g Pods

RESTOCK North Pre-rolls 

RESTOCK Wana 100mg gummies FULL LINE!

NEW Prepacked Flower OZ's $175

RESTOCK Narvona Prepacked 8ths and Pre-roll packs!

RESTOCK Highlife Royal Chocolate Bars 100mg 3/$30


Orange Runtz 32%

Grape Sherbert 31%

Potato Runtz 31%

Jet Cakez 30%

Strawberry Guava 30%

Double Tap 29%

Mint Milano 


Pink Ice

La Kush 


Bio Chem 

Banger Mac

Rozay Cake 

Purple Urkle

Fruity Pebbles 

RESTOCK Terrapin Prepacked 8th 2/$60

RESTOCK Fluresh Prepacked 8ths 2/$60

RESTOCK Pro-Gro 1g Pre-rolls 30%+

6 Strains!

RESTOCK Hyman 2g Handcrafted Pre-rolls

RESTOCK Dragonfly Pre-rolls 3/$30

NEW Fwaygo Moonrock Prepacked 2g's

Slippery Susan 51.40

Divorce Cake 49.07

*Some exclusions apply*

*Deals can not be stacked*

*Pickup orders will be ready 15 minutes after placing them*

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