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*Recreational Customers*


First Time Customer - 10% Off And Free Pre-Roll

Second Time Customer - Leave Us a 5 Star Weedmaps Review and Receive An Additonal 10% Off

Refer a Customer - Receive 10% Off (Both Parties Must be Present)

Veterans and Active Military - Receive 10% off

Upcoming Vendor Days:

11/26 Free Limited Edition Thanksgiving TShirt First 300 People

11/27 Empire 4pm - 7pm

11/27-11/29 !!!BLACK FRIDAY DEALS!!!! (We lost our minds deals!)

11/30 Platinum Vape 3pm - 6pm

12/4 Exclusive (Terpene Tank, Kushy Punch, Church) 4pm - 7pm

💰 Bring $50 worth of rolled coins for us to buy and receive 10% off your purchase 💰

Wednesday Deal:

Free House Pre Roll With In Store Purchase!

Common Citizen $12 1g Flower

Terrapin $45 Prepackaged Flower 3.5g 

Herbology 3 pack Premium Pre-Rolls $35

NEW Dab Tabs!

-Crunch Berries .5g

-Mimosa .5g

-Big Block .5g

-Purple Punch .5g

-Triple Chocolate Chip .5g

NEW Clout King Drop!

-Clout Face 1g Pre Roll

-Clout Face Live Hash Rosin 1g Jar

-Clout Drank Prepackaged Flower (3.5g Jar) ($70 8th)

-Peanut Butter Cup Prepackaged Flower (3.5g Jar) ($70 8th)

Redbud Roots Drop!

-Maui Waui 1g Cartridge

-Head Fruit 10pk Pre Rolls

-Scout 95 10pk Pre Rolls

-Star Dawg IX 10pk Pre Rolls

-Sweet Pink Stink 10pk Pre Rolls

-Snoop Dawg 10pk Pre Rolls

NEW Rocwoods Drop!

-Skittlez 1g Hempwood 

-Holly Gorilla Shit 1g Hempwood

-Mac 1 1g Pre Roll

-Gelato 1g Pre Roll

-Holly Gorilla Shit 1g Pre Roll

NEW Common Citizen Drop!

-Bubba Skywalker 1g Pre Roll

-Colin OG 1g Pre Roll

-Fine Dining 1g Pre Roll

-Tropicana Cookies 1g Pre Roll

-OG Cookies 1g Pre Roll

-J1 1g Pre Roll

-Phoenix 1g Pre Roll

-Fine Dining Pre Roll Pack

-Grim Bastard Pre Roll Pack

-MAC Gas Pre Roll Pack

-GMO Pre Roll Pack

NEW Choice!

-Milk Chocolate Bites 100mg

-Dark Chocolate Bites 100mg

-White Chocolate Bites 100mg

-Peanut Butter Chocolate Bites 100mg

-RESTOCK Watermelon Choice Chews 100mg

NEW Drip Cartridges!

-Sunset Sherbert .5g Cartridge

-Super Lemon Haze .5g Cartridge

-Green Crack .5g Cartridge

-Cherry Cookies .5g Cartridge

-White Widow .5g Cartridge

NEW Empire Prepackaged Flower!

-Biscotti 3.5g Jar

-Divine Gelato 3.5g Jar

-Ice Cream Sherbet 3.5g Jar

-Kush Mints 3.5g Jar

-PB&J 3.5g Jar

-Thin Mint Cookie 3.5g Jar

NEW Common Citizen Drop!

-Bubba Skywalker Prepackaged 1g ($12)

-Peanut Butter Prepackaged 1g ($12)

-Grim Bastard OG Prepackaged 1g ($12)

-Fine Dining Prepackaged 1g ($12)

-GMO 1g Pre-Roll (25%)

NEW Noble Road Drop!

-Cherry Fuel Solventless Hash .5g Jar

-Bubba Kush 1g Pre Roll

-Holy Grail 1g Pre Roll

-Island Punch 1g Pre Roll

-Sour Diesel 1g Pre Roll

-RESTOCK Chocolate Chip Cookies 100mg

-RESTOCK Peanut Butter Cookies 100mg

-RESTOCK Molasses Cookies 100mg


-Garlic Breath .7g Pre Roll (31%)

-Punch 47 .7g Pre Roll (29%)

-Gelato 33 .7g Pre Roll (30%)

-Ethos Cookies .7g Pre Roll (29%)

-Wonka Bars #13 .7g Pre Roll (32%)

-Citrix .7g Pre Roll (27%)

-Cherry Punch .7g Pre Roll (28%)

-Rozay #1 THCa Crystals 1g Jar

-Sundae Driver THCa Crystals 1g Jar

NEW Pleasantrees Drop!

-Melonotti Live Hash Rosin 1g Jar

-Garlic Cookies Live Hash Rosin 1g Jar

NEW Private Reserve Flower ($70 8th)

-Triangle Kush (30%)

-Sunset Sherbert (29%)

-Frozay (31%)

-Fruit Punch (26%)

-Larry Bird (32%)

-Grapefruit (33%)

-Cherry Chem (24%)

-Wedding Cake (25%)

-Black Banana Cookies (27%)

-Pineapple Upside Down Cake (22%)

Restock Platinum Flower ($60 8th)

-Punch 47

-Now n' Later


-Forum Cut

-Kosher Kush

-Sherbert Diesel

-Banana Hammock

-Purple Alien

-Ethos Cookies

-Grandpa's Breath

-Thin Mint Cookies

-Royal Kush

-Chem 91


-Mendo Breath

-Fine Dining

-Grape Ape

-Kush Glue


-OG Kush

NEW/RESTOCK Premium Flower ($50 8th)

-Triple OG


-Wifi OG

-Russian Snow


-Fire OG

NEW Terrapin Drop!

-Heaven's Devil Prepackaged Flower ($45 8th)

-Grapefruit Durban Prepackaged Flower ($45 8th)

-Moonshine Haze Prepackaged Flower ($45 8th)

-Hush Puppy Haze Prepackaged Flower ($45 8th)

-Lemon Sweet Skunk Prepackaged Flower ($45 8th)

-Sour Alien OG Prepackaged Flower ($45 8th)

-Tahoe OG Prepackaged Flower ($45 8th)

-Cherry Diesel Prepackaged Flower ($45 8th)

-High Octane Prepackaged Flower ($45 8th)

-Terpwin Station Prepackaged Flower ($45 8th)

*Pickup orders will be ready 15 mintues after placing them*

** (In-store purchase only)

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